All of our packages come with a money management system. We track our wins this way. Plays go out 1-3 hours before the game starts. Not every game has action. We hand pick the games that are most likely to win.

Do I have to live in Las Vegas?

No you do not. You can play on any online sports book.

Do you offer refunds?

All purchases are final. If you aren’t 100% sure about our services, please don’t purchase any of our packages.

Are all your picks guaranteed?

We try our best to deliver winning selections, however, please be advised that none of these selections are guaranteed. Therefore, we can not promise any particular outcome; these are sports predictions. Keep in mind, the people that follow our instructive emails step by step and stick to the system have made significant returns. 

Are there daily picks?

We try to pick the best possible games to win. There may be a day without any picks.

When are plays sent out?

Plays are sent out 1-3 hours before the game starts. Please log in to your account to see if they are up on the board.

What sports do you offer?

MLB, NFL, NBA, College Football, College Basketball, Soccer and more.

What is a High Roller Play?

A high roller play is a large unit play for a particular game. It is usually 50-80 units.